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Lazy Lover

Golden and clear with a whipped head.  Aroma of orange, spice and honey with supporting flavors.  Most flavor is yeast derived and has a distinct Belgian yeast character with respect to ester/phenol profile.

Lay Day

Light & crisp with medium bitterness.  Subtle fruit and floral aroma.  A perfect beer for warmer weather.

Up Sh*m Creek

If you’ve found yourself up sh*m creek, you’re in good company!  Locals and tourists alike have made this the spot to cool off during a Charleston summer.  This lager is was made with long afternoons on the docks in mind.  Dry-hopped with loads of citrus hops to provide a beautifully crisp and aromatic beer that will keep you cool and quenched while you’re Up Sh*m Creek



This classic American Amber ale is balanced, with a lean toward malty flavor attributes.  A firm bitterness balances the beer out with pine & citrus flavors and aromas.

Kill Ian

A classic Irish Red Ale, nuff said.


Fermented at ale temperatures and then layered for a short time before packaging gives the beer a crisp, clean flavor reminiscent of a German pilsner, but with a touch more fruitiness.

Hotel Rendezvous

This Bavarian-style ale will leave your tastebuds in a quandary, feeling as though they’ve just had a hotel rendezvous, a tryst with something less familiar.  Subtle banana esters play in tandem with clove phenols and a wheat base.  Enjoy this fresh, unfiltered wheat beer with people you love, or people you want to love!

Lefty Loosey

Brewed in the left coast tradition, this IPA is dry and bitter.  Front end loaded with those old school hop varieties that helped define the style.

Hang loose with this bitter, quenching can of sunshine.

Poke the Bear

This pale ale strikes a balance between sufficient malt backbone and supporting hops. Using exclusively Falconer’s Flight hops from Yakima Valley provides a resinous flavor coupled with bright floral and citrus aromas.

Smooth Like Jazz

Beginning as a traditional German Dopplebock, time and temperature have transformed this beer into a tantalizingly smooth Eisbock.  A velvety malt backbone with notes of rich caramel and dark fruit bebop while being serenaded by a slow, warming alcohol.  But this Jazz ain’t free!

1865 Rice Lager

A crisp, Southern lager, made with Superior Pilsen Malt and Carolina Gold Middlins frangranced with South Carolina Redbay leaves.

Glorious Bastard

An assertively hoppy, Czech style pilsner. Clean, crisp and refreshing for consuming en masse.


Smooth, clean and rather rich with a depth of malt character that ranges from biscuit to toast in flavor. German hops balance the beer with a subtle bitterness. Brewed for drinking from large containers, in large quantity, generally focused around German Oktoberfest each year.

Claret Rose

Earthy funk with smooth oak notes, reminiscent of a bold, red wine
Additions of black currants and blackberry, along with black tea, rooibos, hibiscus, and açaí provide depth and balance to this complex beer.


A mixed fermentation foeder blend, fruited with grapefruit purée, citrumelo, Meyer lemon, red lime, and kumquats creates a tart, bright citrus complex with subtle earthy undertones.

Thank the French

If it weren’t for the French people’s ingenuity and espionage, we wouldn’t know the sumptuous flavors of the modern day strawberry, so Thank the French for this delicious wild ale with strawberries and thyme!


A naked blend of several barrels in our barrel cellar, individually selected to create a balanced eposé of flavors ranging from bright acidity, to earthy funk.

House Saison

A classic, dry-hopped Saison with mixed fermentation.

Pass the Lemon Grass

A classic IPA with fresh, smashed lemongrass added to the whirlpool and a blend of designer hops makes this the perfect summer quencher.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy Pass the Lemongrass!